5 Ways to Maximize your Google Calendar

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It’s no secret that Google capitalized on creating an organized, personal, customizable schedule that is extremely user-friendly. Whether it’s creating an event, inputting your work schedule, or scheduling appointments, Google Calendars has it all.

Here are 5 ways to maximize the use of your Google Calendar:

1. Google Calendar is extremely user-friendly.

There are several ways to ensure that you are making the most of it… Google Calendars lets you search — this is a given considering it was created by one of the leading search engines on the internet today. But, when searching for one’s name, appointment, or event, simply type it in the search bar to find exactly what you are looking for.When creating events on Google Calendar, it prompts you down the creation list… it will let you share it with others, invite others, add a google meets, add a description, and even add a location if needed. Google Calendars has made it extremely user-friendly, leaving the frustration, out of the creation.

2. Create your Google Calendar personal to you.

Start by syncing all your devices together, that way you can access your calendar from anywhere. You can create personalized calendars… whether this be for your work schedule, professional sporting games, birthdays, and much more. You can arrange appointment slots, ensuring that your events, appointments, and overall schedule, will not overlap or interfere with anything else within your day. To do this, you can take the event and drag it within your calendar, setting it for the exact time and date you would like.

3. Make your Google Calendar customized to your liking.

When creating a “Calendar,” you can pick the color you would like — for example, maybe your work schedule is yellow, your birthdays are blue, and your events are green… customize it however you desire. Other features include adding attachments to your events, hide them as you go, add locations, add descriptions, invite guests, and always have access to editing your events.

4. Organize your Google Calendar in a way that fits your needs.

Through Google Calendars, make your events shareable (if you desire), create events based on emails (this can ensure your events, won’t overlap, and keep you organized), and even enable “working” hours. Google Calendar will organize these events in a way that is personalized to you. When creating an event on your Google Calendar, you can invite guests, and add a location… you can also add notifications to specific events, to ensure that you are ready for that upcoming event. You will have the option to make it reoccurring, all the way up to the time of the event… This will keep you more organized than ever before.

5. Who doesn’t love a shortcut?

Google Calendars created several shortcuts, to ensure you are getting the most out of your time while using the calendar. Here are some of the most useful shortcuts Google Calendars offers:

T = Move calendar view to today
C = Create an event
Q = Quick add an event
G = Jump to any specific date
E = Edit events

You can see the shortcuts that Google Calendar offers, under settings… general… to keyboard shortcuts.

Google Calendars has created one of the most user-friendly, organized, personable, and customized platforms to use. If you or your business is not using Google Calendars, it might be time to reconsider!

Please reach out to us here at Link Moser if you have any questions about automating your events, scheduling appointments, or setting up a google meets… we pride ourselves on being ‘Google Pros’ around here.