I’m a Pretty Modest Guy So When I Have To Write Copy For My Own “About Me” Page It Certainly Doesn’t Feel Natural.

In fact, I’ve never identified as being a “great” writer and will often find any other marketing task to work on before I sit down and write. Perhaps many people feel this way about writing.

I don’t know but I know it always seems like a challenge for me. However, as a marketer, I recognize the power of the written word. In this day and age of digital marketing where images and video are causing people to watch and listen more than they do read, it can be easy to dismiss text as something secondary.

Take this page for example. Did you look at the photos and read the headlines before reading this body copy? I bet some of you did.

About Link Moser

Marketing is and always has been about people communicating with people and in order to do that correctly, you have to understand who you are speaking to and what your message is.

Marketing is Communicating With People

That’s been my fascination with marketing since I was a teenager and has been part of my marketing journey ever since then.

When I was 12 years old, I got my first job. It was at a landscape nursery down the road from where I grew up. My Dad grew up in the Midwest and his strong worth ethic felt it was high time I go out and start bringing home some of my own money.

I remember how time seemed to grind to a halt at that job. It only lasted about three months and oddly enough, none of my younger siblings were ever expected to work at that age. That job did teach me something and that was I was really happier working for myself and to this date, I have yet to collect a W2 since I was 12.

Like many teenagers, I mowed lawns, cleared snow, took care of neighbor’s pets to earn money. I also started playing around with desktop publishing and remember buying my first COLOR dot matrix printer. In the late 80’s, it was pretty unheard of printing in color so having a color printer let me print invitations and banners for people’s parties.

The entrepreneur spirit grew and I started building web sites by the time I was 20 years old. Self taught with the except of the one book I could find on HTML code, I would look under the hood of web sites, test and experiment to see what worked.

Link Moser Family

I later taught myself SEO and would test my strategies out on my own web site projects. Not every project was a winner and like so many, I got caught up in the e-commerce dot com boom/bust of the late 90’s but my bets were far smaller than those that made the headlines.

As the Internet grew and became more entwined with our lives, I have tried to find my own balance between being on the bleeding edge of technology and mainstream. Despite what you might think, not everyone that works with digital marketing embraces and engages with every new technology or platform out there. As I wrote in early, I’m a pretty modest person who prefers to keep a pretty private life. You won’t find me posting what I had for breakfast this morning on the latest social media channel anytime soon. I’m certainly that many of my clients feel the same way. Still, as a marketer, even if we do not embrace a particular platform personally, we have to keep an ear to the tracks in order to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends.

Helping business owners with their marketing

I met my wife online. I bank online. I’ve bought a car online. I get it. The internet is here to stay and marketing tactics will forever be changing. But what doesn’t change is people. At the end of the day, organizations and businesses are still made up of people and those people need to communicate effectively what products and services the offer other people and how they solve their problems and help them.

If I have not lost you by this point, it should come as no surprise to you that I’m not a fast talking, slick sales kind of person. I get great personal satisfaction from helping business owners with their marketing. I know there are owners and CEO’s for whom marketing is not second nature. It is something they know is important and if managed correctly, can grow their organization to that next level. However, for many, like writing is to me, it’s not second nature and can often feel like the task we least want to deal with on a given day. I’d like to see if I can help. Reach out. Call me direct at 603-581-7345 or send me an email at Link@LinkMoser.com. If nothing else, we can both benefit from learning about each other and make a new connection.


Link Moser